cloudswXtch – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award Winner – Connect

cloudswXtch – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award Winner – Connect

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cloudswXtch – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award Winner – Connect

Fri 14, 07 2023

cloudswXtch is a virtual overlay network that brings on-premises features including multicast distribution to the cloud. Deployable as a software solution within a physical broadcast network or a cloud tenant, cloudSwXtch helps broadcasters and video service providers merge on-premises and cloud networks, migrate demanding media workloads, and establish mesh configurations to create global networks. cloudSwXtch unlocks missing network features that are required for demanding, high-throughput workflows in broadcast and media applications including multicast, broadcast, packet monitoring, network path redundancy, and protocol conversion and fanout.

cloudSwXtch is the first solution for merging on-premises and cloud workflows around the world, empowering customers with previously unavailable cloud features to migrate demanding media workflows. As a result, cloudswXtch addresses inherent hurdles in conventional cloud architectures with problem-solving features. With its multicast support, cloudswXtch simplifies traditional cumbersome network reconfigurations and allows users to move network packages in a very efficient manner. has also added PTP clock synchronization to cloudswXtch to improve cloud networking features. PTP enables synchronization of video and audio sources in cloud networks, and ensures that data is received and processed in the correct order. Neither multicast nor PTP were previously available on public cloud networks.

cloudswXtch also makes it easy to interconnect an abundance of interface protocols through its protocol conversion and fanout capability. For example, cloudSwXtch can seamlessly translate between UDP Multicast, UDP Unicast, SRT, and other protocols, allowing endpoints with different protocols to interact on the same network with no configuration or management. Along with SMPTE 2022-7 network path redundancy (hitless merge) for high availability, full support of uncompressed SMPTE ST-2110 workflows, and dynamic ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud bridging, cloudSwXtch genuinely breaks new ground by making these important and valuable features available on public cloud networks.

cloudswXtch genuinely breaks new ground in cloud innovation within an industry that remains hesitant or uncertain about their cloud migration strategies due to both business and technology barriers. cloudswXtch opens doors for broadcast and media organizations that were simply prevented from migrating media workflows to the cloud, as cloud engineers generally favor developing solutions that solve more general-purpose problems than what the broadcast and media industry requires.

cloudswXtch’s virtual architecture solves this problem by bringing bare metal party to cloud networks that broadcast can build upon, beginning with features that matter most and adding new features as required. cloudswXtch’s virtual architecture also establishes a long-term development tool for broadcasters, video producers and cloud networks such as Amazon Web Services, GCP, OCI, and Microsoft Azure – and even create workflows across multiple disparate clouds for higher availability. cloudswXtch is available in several variations based on initial customer needs and can be scaled and built upon for years to come.

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