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Complete File Data Platform for End-to-End Corporate Video Production On-Prem or In-Cloud

Data Sheet from Qumulo

Mon 07, 12 2020

The need for effective corporate communication is growing as workplaces expand and become more dispersed. Corporate video production has become mainstream for today’s employee education, training, corporate communication, marketing, and advertising, helping to improve overall communications and reduce costs. As larger amounts of high-quality video content is produced, stored, and managed by modern enterprises, corporate media professionals are seeking many of the same high performance file storage solutions used by large film studios and media production companies to render, edit, and archive their video workflows.

Qumulo’s file data platform meets the needs for today’s corporate video content production and storage on-prem or in cloud environments; providing a modern infrastructure employing flash-first or all-NVMe platforms which can handle the toughest 4K or 8K workloads. The file system’s simple modular design enables limitless scalability to manage ever-growing capacities and retention requirements. Qumulo provides multiprotocol support for NFS and SMB to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise networks and video editing applications. Qumulo enables organizations to build and enhance multi-site collaboration with unified data accessibility. With Qumulo, organizations can transition to hybrid cloud environments, or burst existing workflows to the cloud to accelerate productivity, when needed. In addition, Qumulo provides robust data protection, with the economics of archive storage, to protect valuable digital content.

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