Coronavirus Impact Tracker​​​​

Tracking the impact of this pandemic on business and how companies are adapting

The Coronavirus Impact Tracker quantifies the influence of the global pandemic of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, on the media technology industry.

Click below to access the Coronavirus Impact tracker. IABM Members will get access to a deeper set of results.

Influence the tracker data by taking part

We need you to take part in a short 5 minute survey to help us assess the impact on the Broadcast & Media supply industry during these challenging times. Even if you have already submitted data, we urge you to keep revisiting the tracker so that it can provide up to the minute real time results.

The data from the survey will be analysed and provides real time updates to the industry around buying trends, investment and revenues.

The survey includes questions around

  • The impact of coronavirus on revenues by supply chain, revenue type (hardware/software)
  • The impact of coronavirus on media technology investment (by buyers)
  • What are the forces driving the above – e.g. supply chain disruptions etc.
  • How investment is changing from a technological perspective as a result of the crisis

IABM Coronavirus Impact Tracker
In conversation with...

Hear from our Head of Insight & Analysis about how your data is helping IABM track the impact of this pandemic on business.

  • What is the new CoronaVirus Tracker?
  • How can people use the tracker and how can they apply it in their day to day work?
  • What results are we seeing so far?
  • How do IABM Plan to develop the tracker over the coming weeks and months?
  • When we go back to "normal" life what will be the main effects of this unprecedented shock on the Media Tech Industry?
  • How can people take part?