farmerswife – Automating workflows with Cirkus

farmerswife – Automating workflows with Cirkus

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farmerswife – Automating workflows with Cirkus

Mon 02, 10 2023

farmerswife – Automating workflows with Cirkus

Carla Molina Whyte, Marketing Executive at farmerswife

In today’s fast-paced business environment, automation has become an indispensable element in project management. The advantages of automation are extensive and diverse, encompassing everything from reducing costs and increasing productivity to optimizing performance and streamlining workflows. When it comes to implementing solutions for SaaS automation, there are numerous advantages in choosing a cloud-based service, not only in controlling CAPEX expenditure, but also in the flexibility these systems can offer.

These are some of the benefits that cloud-based automation bring to organizations:

Streamline repetitive tasks, saving time and effort:

Repetitive tasks can often become a drain on time and energy. However, with the power of automation tools, these tasks can be streamlined and made more efficient. From automating email sending to gathering technical requirements, and even scheduling social media updates, automation can save you valuable time and allow you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

Enhance workflow efficiency and productivity:

Automation empowers your team to break free from the monotony of mundane tasks and unleash their creativity and innovative thinking. By automating tasks, you can significantly reduce the chances of errors while boosting overall productivity, which ultimately fuels revenue growth and drives improved business outcomes.

Cirkus serves as an excellent example of a tool that harnesses the power of automation in project management. It is a user-friendly and intuitive task collaboration tool designed specifically for teams. Cirkus simplifies the project management process by seamlessly scheduling, assigning, and managing projects and tasks. With Cirkus, teams can easily track project status, report time spent on tasks, and collaborate efficiently with anyone, from anywhere. Data security is also a top priority with Cirkus as it’s a cloud-based task management tool. The platform utilises an intuitive web-based UI or an iOS app to securely share data.

One of the key advantages of Cirkus is its ability to coordinate resources and share files in a centralized hub. This ensures that all team members have access to the necessary resources and can collaborate seamlessly. Whether it’s sharing media files or deliverables, Cirkus provides a secure platform for effective communication and collaboration.

Furthermore, Cirkus offers an intelligent workflow that maximizes efficiency through automation. By leveraging Cirkus’ task templates feature you can create a checklist of deliverables customized to your needs. Ensuring the right information and specifications are gathered for each job, and providing a centralized communication platform ensures the highest quality deliverables. Adapted to your own workflow, these reusable job templates improve the quality of your deliverables by defining the technical specifications at a job or project level.

Able New Zealand, a satisfied Cirkus client, chose the product because they needed a more efficient and automated process to reduce resource requirements. They stated, “Cirkus has improved and simplified our internal processes and made us an easy and efficient organization to work with. It’s easy to navigate and intuitive. It is straightforward to see what tasks are upcoming – especially those that are designated urgent – and to download and upload files.”

To further enhance Cirkus’ automation capabilities, integration with Zapier is available. Zapier, a leading automation platform, offers a vast array of online resources and guides to assist users in creating custom automations and seamlessly connect various systems. By integrating Cirkus with Zapier, users gain the power to create simple yet powerful workflows that streamline their processes and significantly enhance productivity.

The possibilities with Zapier and Cirkus integration are endless. You can connect Cirkus with hundreds of other apps and services, such as Drive, Slack, and more. This allows you to automate data transfer between these platforms, ensuring that relevant information is always up to date and easily accessible.

In conclusion, automation plays a crucial role in project management, and Cirkus truly showcases the immense power of automation in creating seamless workflows. By harnessing the remarkable features of Cirkus, teams can significantly boost their productivity, optimize resource allocation, and achieve exceptional outcomes. With the unwavering support of platforms like Zapier, the possibilities for automation are truly limitless, making project management more efficient and effective than ever before.

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