In Conversation with Bitmovin & Plume

In Conversation with Bitmovin & Plume

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In Conversation with Bitmovin & Plume

Thu 16, 07 2020

In this panel discussion with Reinhard Grandl (Head of Product, Bitmovin) & Bill McFarland (CTO, Plume), we hear about their key markets and the differences in each of these markets. We hear how Covid-19 has affected their business along with the biggest challenges they have faced during the crisis.

We address consumer habits and specific consumption trends and behavioural patterns that have been surprising and are having an impact on each company. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, it is important to discuss technology priorities and how companies such as Bitmovin and Plume are investing in Cloud and AI/ML solutions along with the changing skillsets of their employees.

As digital transformation continues at pace, we hear how these companies relationships with technology partners are changing with different requirements and challenges along with the driving forward of innovation as a result of the pandemic.

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