In Conversation with HPA – episode 2

In Conversation with HPA – episode 2

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In Conversation with HPA – episode 2

Tue 04, 08 2020

In this video, IABM CEO Peter White catches up with Seth Hallen, President of HPA to see how things have changed since they last spoke (video available here).

We hear about the mission and purpose of HPA, their “The Lost Lederhosen” project showing how a short movie could be made employing remote workflows from acquisition through post.

Peter and Seth continue with a discussion around the accelerated move toward cloud-bassed workflows in media production and which areas of the production chain have experienced an expediated move to the cloud along with the lessons learnt by media companies.

Another trend in the industry has been the focus on digital archiving to take advantage of existing assets due to a significant content shortage, Peter asks Seth whether the production and post industry can take further advantage of data to, for example, provide media companies with additional monetization opportunities.

The interview finishes with a look to the future and whether the industry will make up for the dramatic reduction of productions, how freelancers can come out of the pandemic and what we have learnt about remote working and collaboration.

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