In Conversation with Qligent and Encompass Digital Media

In Conversation with Qligent and Encompass Digital Media

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In Conversation With Qligent and Encompass Digital Media

As we enter a newly accelerated phase of technological innovation, the Brave New Digital World, the media industry is meeting the challenge with solutions to ensure business resiliency, being competitive, and aligning their revenue and costs. Media industry operators continue to take advantage of new business opportunities, such as distributing high-value events that may be one time or 24/7 across various regions. Those challenges can be met quickly with partner collaboration, better management of services, more visibility of operations, and people working anywhere.

We speak to Brick Eksten, CEO, Qligent and Scott Rose, Senior Vice President of Product, Encompass Digital Media about the technical challenges that their companies have faced and the business drivers and transitions they have undertook especially around the move to Opex and Services.

We also hear about how the companies deployed, monitored and remote worked during Covid19 to ensure their customers remained on-air with Covid secure facilities and robust disaster recovery strategies.