In Conversation with the PR Agencies

In Conversation with the PR Agencies

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In Conversation With the PR Agencies

Could you briefly tell us how the last 6 months has impacted your business and your customers?

Being creatives, we are used to being with our team and brainstorming new ideas.  How did you adapt during remote working and what tools did you use to keep the creative juices flowing?

Can you tell us about one key success story over this period?

In the absence of trade shows what are the ways your customers are re-focusing their efforts to generate new leads?

In this new virtual world, have you had to shift your internal teams efforts to support your clients’ needs and are there any new services that you are offering as a result of this?

Taking a look at PR – with people home working and not in the office to receive their print publications have the virtual publications managed to bridge that gap and give your clients the reach and exposure?

Looking in to each of your crystal balls – what does the future hold for our industry and how are we going to have to adapt from a Marketing & PR Perspective?