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"As a small company who recently incorporated, the first thing I looked at was IABM because they are the best in the industry as far as collection of information, dissemination of information and they are my number one go to knowledge in the industry"

There are seven main categories of IABM membership: Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Gold Plus, Start-Up, Platinum and Bronze (for companies that provide support and service to technology suppliers). The benefits to members in each category are designed to reflect the differing needs of diverse types and sizes of company. What ever level your membership, all of your employees have access to IABM resources globally – wherever they are based. The more your staff engage with IABM, the more your whole company benefits – all for a surprisingly modest annual fee.

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    The top level of IABM membership, Platinum is the choice of leading companies in Broadcast and Media technology that want to take advantage of extensive individualized services and consultations supplied by IABM specialists to support their unique business objectives. Every Platinum membership package is thus individually tailored. In addition, Platinum members also have access to the comprehensive range of IABM services that all members benefit from.

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    Gold Plus, with its added benefits, is designed for those companies who want more services than the standard Gold level and is an intermediate step to Platinum level. Gold Plus members can take advantage of an enhanced package of benefits with greater opportunities for thought leadership and brand awareness together with access to a higher level of IABM business intelligence including the opportunity for our analysts to present at your own events.

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    IABM Gold membership is the natural choice of companies that require the broadest range and depth of off-the-shelf services from IABM beyond those available at Silver level. Gold members are often – but not exclusively – larger organizations with a number of brands and/or subsidiaries that all require access to the full range of IABM benefits.

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    Benefits for Silver+ members reflect those of the Silver category but some entitlement levels have been increased to support higher usage and this is also reflected in the cost.

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    Silver covers two IABM membership categories specifically tailored for SMEs with a range of services designed to meet all their business, training and marketing needs – as well as including attractive discounts in exhibition space at major shows around the world. Silver membership covers companies of 1-99 employees, Silver 100+ those with 100 or more.

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    Silver Subsidiary Membership is designed to help ease the cost of multiple companies belonging to a common parent / group who would like to join as Silver Members. In any one group there must be a fully paid Silver Member who can then have one or more "subsidiary companies" join as Subsidiary Members.
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    Bronze membership is tailored for those companies that do not supply technology products or services but exist in the broadcast and media technology ecosystem – providing support and services to those that in turn supply the end user. Bronze membership recognizes the contribution these companies bring to the industry and also provides a range of opportunities to interact and network with other members. Examples of Bronze member companies include PR agencies, event organizers etc.

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    Start-Up membership is specifically designed for companies that have been trading* for less than two and a half years to support them at a critical time in their growth and development at a manageable price for what are typically cash-poor, ideas-rich businesses. Start-Up members receive all the benefits of a Silver level member at a reduced rate. *Proof of start of trading will be required for example first set of accounts.

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    Additional brands is designed for Silver members who may wish to promote more than one brand under their main umbrella branding. This may be a sub division or specific product brand. No additional benefits are provided simply additional branding.


What sort of companies are eligible for membership?
Companies must be an established and substantive supplier of Broadcast and Media technology products and services which they sell directly to end users or indirectly to end users through distribution channels. Companies must also be compliant with IABM's Code of Standards and Ethics known as the "IABM Business Standard" and available to view here.

How long does the membership run for?
IABM membership runs for a 12 month period from your date of joining. You can opt to pay by credit card, invoice or direct debit (only available for payments in GBP)

Who gets the benefits of IABM membership from my company?
All employees of your company can benefit from the range of resources we have on offer for members throughout the world. Each team member can have their own login for the website and will be able to register an account using their company email address.

I'm a user/buyer of Broadcast & Media equipment, is there a membership type for me?
Whilst there is no specific "company" membership available, all buyers and users of Broadcast and Media equipment can apply to join our Global Engaged Partner Scheme which is a complimentary initiative for users of broadcast & media technology to help foster collaboration and engagement across all sides of the industry. Click here to find out more.

Where can we next see IABM at an event?
We are very active at events around the world throughout the year, please click here to view the upcoming events calendar or send us an email ( and let us know which shows you are attending and we can link you up with one of our team.

I want to discuss which membership is best for me, how do I do that?
Simply email