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Jutel RadioMan

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Jutel RadioMan

Thu 18, 04 2024

Jutel RadioMan

Originating from the northern landscapes of Finland, Jutel Oy proudly joins the IABM as a new member. As the world’s leading expert in media and radio automation solutions, Jutel excels in the digitalization of radio. The company delivers innovative solutions that streamline radio workflows, enhance media content management, and ensure seamless publication across diverse distribution channels. Serving leading media operators globally, Jutel’s reach extends across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Radio Botswana – Brand New On-Premise Studio 

Jutel’s main solution, RadioMan®, has represented the company worldwide since 1992 with thousands of users producing media for various broadcast channels around the clock.

Jutel provides comprehensive operations support including an experienced 24/7 helpdesk. Additionally, the company offers consulting and integration services, complemented by an extensive network of partners.

Founded in 1984, the company quickly established itself in the fields of broadcast systems integration and manufacturing high-quality audio consoles and telecommunications equipment. Jutel initially delivered turn-key radio station solutions to commercial stations across Finland. These solutions encompassed from acoustics and studio systems to audio processing, STL installations, and even including transmitter sites complete with antenna towers.

In 1985, Jutel expanded its portfolio by acquiring the high-end Kajaani Audio broadcast consoles product line, later branching into telecom equipment manufacturing. This included products such as high-precision frequency standard systems and advanced RF design for cellular systems.

The experiences from turn-key broadcast integration and popularization of personal computers enabled Jutel to start the development of digital audio platforms with full workflow support. The latest RadioMan 6 solution represents the sixth generation of this full-range broadcast solution, showcasing Jutel’s continuous innovation and commitment to advancing broadcasting technology.

RadioMan® Solution: The backbone of Jutel services

To date, RadioMan® is the world’s first and only full-range radio-as-a-service solution, capable of fulfilling the diverse broadcasting requirements of both major national broadcasters and smaller local stations. Its exceptional portability and scalability position RadioMan® as a leader in radio automation, thereby significantly improving the user experience for the client’s employees.

Radio Kaleva – Cloud-based commercial station

RadioMan® is a full-range cloud-native radio broadcast automation system designed for both commercial and large national broadcasting. In addition to cloud deployment, it provides the flexibility to be deployed in hybrid or on-premises environments. The full-range solution encompasses strategic and daily planning, audio and news production, music management, and multi-channel location-independent on-air activities. It includes built-in contribution and distribution controls, and archiving solutions. RadioMan® supports browser-based user interfaces accessible on both workstations and mobile devices.

RadioMan® is utilized in a variety of broadcasting environments, from large multi-studio, multi-channel IP-based broadcast corporation facilities and networked regional broadcasters to newsroom settings and small cloud-based commercial stations. Its web browser accessibility ensures ease of use for both on-site and remote broadcast operations, offering a flexible solution for today’s dynamic broadcasting needs.

The advantages of the RadioMan 6 platform include complete location independence, sustainable audio production, straightforward deployment and maintenance, the ability to combine various workflows for different broadcasting profiles, simplified studio structures and installations, and inherent support for remote operations, remote contributions, and built-in distribution control.

Latest member of the Jutel family: RadioMan® Clipper

RadioMan® Clipper is the latest addition to the Jutel solutions family. The Mobile and Web Audio Production Platform development was driven by the goal of offering a unified workflow from mobile interviews to ready-for-distribution audio content. RadioMan® Clipper serves as an all-in-one platform, enabling audio journalists to record, trim, transfer, edit, and manage audio seamlessly on iOS and Android devices, as well as through browsers on laptops.

RadioMan® Clipper Mobile and Web Audio Production Platform

Clipper enables radio journalists to streamline their workflow, removing the necessity for multiple audio production tools. This allows broadcasters and audio content producers to simplify their operations by not having to maintain a diverse set of tools. Consequently, the Clipper toolset reduces costs, decreases carbon footprint, and enables sustainable audio production.

The Clipper environment seamlessly integrates with the RadioMan 6 platform, yet it also offers flexibility for deployment as a standalone service for broadcasters or as an OEM offering to third-party broadcast systems.

AI solutions: streamline radio operations for efficiency

RadioMan® solutions, featuring cloud-based architecture and built-in Rest-API interfaces, provide a unique platform for incorporating AI services into broadcast workflows. Built-in capabilities for remote voice-overs, text integrations, and automated recorders/players facilitate the rapid development of AI-generated and streamlined workflows.

Broadcasters are already leveraging the RadioMan 6 platform to air AI-generated news. The RadioMan® Clipper Multitrack Audio Editor now includes support for generating speech directly onto an editor track from text notes, significantly speeding up the production of audio contributions. This is particularly effective as algorithms for person-based speech generation continue to advance rapidly. Additionally, Clipper offers speech-to-text capabilities for the automatic generation of metadata notes.

Broadcasting and audio storytelling are increasingly merging into a unified field. While AI significantly boosts productivity, the human touch remains essential in audio journalistic work.

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