LTN – Harnessing IP technology to drive greater monetization potential

LTN – Harnessing IP technology to drive greater monetization potential

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LTN – Harnessing IP technology to drive greater monetization potential

Tue 19, 12 2023

LTN – Harnessing IP technology to drive greater monetization potential

Michal Miskin-Amir, EVP, Development

Despite macro-economic challenges, media companies across the value chain are under pressure to juggle technology experimentation with new business models and source revenue streams.

For media leaders to adapt quickly to evolving consumer habits, emerging viewing models, and new digital platforms, they need the technological flexibility to launch fresh services, reach new platforms, and grow their audiences.

Although it may all seem daunting, every challenge has a solution, and in this case, IP-based technology is holding the key and enabling media companies to deliver high-value content to their audiences. Striking now will be pivotal to long-term business success.

Taking control of your media destiny with the right tech provider
IP technology has seen a rapid rise in recent years, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Powering a diverse and robust ecosystem of proprietary media solutions requires investment and integration with the existing tech infrastructure. However, with the right tech partner, media companies can enjoy the benefits of continuous innovation, keeping quality and reliability at the forefront without the tech headaches.

A partner-driven approach can help solve big-picture challenges and deliver real business outcomes. The right partner will have a core philosophy to push the boundaries and support business needs. Media companies will be able to leverage the power of IP to unlock new revenue streams.

How flexible IP technology helps navigate the complexity

Today, major organizations harness IP every day for global transmission of high-value full-time channels and live events.  IP-based transmission is now more than just an effective and logical alternative to legacy satellite and fiber models. It’s also a transformational step to unlocking greater customization and content versioning opportunities.

With a scalable and flexible multicast IP transport network at the heart of any business strategy, media companies will benefit from a seamless delivery of multiple channel derivatives and tailored versions of content. These content versions can then be distributed to OTT, FAST, and other digital platforms, enabling content owners to reach new audiences and grow critical revenue streams. As the industry becomes more digital, transitioning to IP will be key to tapping into such monetization opportunities.

At the same time, IP and cloud-based innovation are breaking the boundaries by supporting the versioning and regionalization of valuable live sports content at scale. Delivering media customization at scale and managing increased complexity requires flexible, interoperable technology. An intelligent IP network enables seamless connectivity in and out of public cloud or data center environments as required — supporting any distribution model and individual requirements.

Navigating the dynamic future of television isn’t about building and selling shiny walled garden technologies — it’s about unifying siloed workflows and driving efficiencies for media leaders to focus on creativity.

Shaping the future of television today

As new trends emerge and industry commentators speculate on the evolving future of television, innovation should never be driven by technology for technology’s sake. New disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are powerful tools to help drive operational efficiencies, unlock new media customization potential, and support the advancement of workflows.

But, there needs to be a great focus on the importance of trust and accountability. Content owners need to know that their service providers handle valuable media properties with dedication, professionalism, and best-in-class technology. Through proactive monitoring, advanced tooling, and troubleshooting, their issues can be dealt with before they become an observable problem.

As our industry accelerates into the new world of digital media, content customization remains the pivotal technology challenge – and business opportunity – facing major broadcasters, rights holders, and streaming organizations. IP-based transmission is the essential foundational layer to enabling fine-grain media customization at a global scale. With unique proprietary technology and deep market expertise, the right technology partner will be key to this success.



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