Blue Lucy Media Ltd - IABM Member Company Details

Blue Lucy Media Ltd - IABM Member Company Details

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Blue Lucy is an out-and-out technology company, so our customers don’t need to be. Drawing on our experience as technology consultants to broadcasters and content creators, we have developed a media operations management platform – BLAM - that closes those expensive technology gaps in production and content supply chain operations. BLAM is a platform for the media and entertainment industry that integrates content production tools and business systems to provide a single, unified, and highly automated management system to streamline production and fulfilment operations. In implementation Blue Lucy challenges the orthodoxies to rapidly deliver business focused outcomes and BLAM is in operation with some of the biggest names in the media industry including A+E Networks, BBC Studios and Banijay Rights. Blue Lucy unifies media operations.


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UK 20 Mortlake High St London


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