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Application Paper from MediaKind

Tue 22, 06 2021

Large streaming providers have deployed a dual growth strategy of reaching new audiences via Direct to Consumer (DTC) offerings sold to individual consumers and reaching these audiences seamlessly via sell-through on cable/telco and aggregation platforms. They can successfully execute this strategy through a substantial investment in homegrown solutions and custom integrations into telco/cable/aggregator platforms. Moreover, their investment is justifiable in the context of the extensive content library they own and the enormous global reach of services they can deliver.

More niche content owners are now faced with the challenge of executing a similar strategy with a vastly reduced budget – but how can they achieve this and remain competitive in the market? Do they follow the same strategy as the industry leading streamers?

Also, what does their streaming platform need to deliver in terms of consumer experience and how can they engage sports and event fans on the scale they need?

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