The Subtleties of Synopses

The Subtleties of Synopses

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The Subtleties of Synopses

White Paper from Meta

Fri 18, 06 2021

Since the advent of social media, most people have begun to appreciate how much - or how little - it is possible to say when writing with a very limited number of characters.

If you work writing synopses for Media and Entertainment metadata - the likelihood is you knew that already. The movie synopsis turns short-form writing into a fine art.

The standard length for a linear EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is 180 characters - not much longer than a single Tweet. Streaming platforms might give you 250 characters to work with. This is all the real estate that you have to sell this media to your audience and convince them to watch - a single sentence, two at most - and perhaps a couple of seconds before they make their decision or flip the channel. This is why you really need to make your synopses count!

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