Three Media holds the key to unlocking business inefficiencies, in just 30 days

Three Media holds the key to unlocking business inefficiencies, in just 30 days


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Three Media holds the key to unlocking business inefficiencies, in just 30 days

By Debra Slater, Three Media Managing Director

Fri 02, 07 2021

Today’s media world is all about instant reaction and analysis. Live 24-hour news ensures the viewer knows what is happening as it happens. The same should be true for working out better ways to design and run the content supply chains that enable the TV channels, OTT streams and parallel social media feeds carrying the information. To achieve that aim, media consultancy and technology developer Three Media has created a 30-Day Challenge.

This is a new approach to consultancy to align with the industry’s needs. At the start of the pandemic, companies had to introduce change within days and weeks rather than months or years. Companies want to continue to build on this momentum. Gone are the days when they can afford to wait for a long and detailed analysis of their operation. They need an initial assessment of what they can improve on and a measured, focussed strategy or plan as to how to implement the change.

Three Media understands this requirement and using our many years of collective experience is able to analyse a company’s operations and, within 30 days, produce a strategy outline leading to plans that will make a real difference as to how an operation runs.

The 30-Day Challenge involves reviewing live operation or workflows, extracting the existing data and running hard analytical processes, which produce insights that will dramatically improve operations. This is not a quick fix or a generic computer program. Three Media’s simulation modelling is tailored for each scenario, with the results interpreted by our experts to produce a solution that is unique and built around not only the requirements of the company but its nature and personality as well. The data collected is used in real-life scenarios and modelled both on how your business works and how it can work better.

It doesn’t just end there, as the engagement can be extended. Any models built during this 30-day period can be used to further optimise workflows and resources as the implementation phases are introduced. Additionally, Three Media resources can be on hand to manage or support clients through the next steps of any transformation project. Our vast experience enables us to evaluate both business and technical requirements, design or re-engineer workflows, create complex data models and integrate them into overall systems, manage risk and change or oversee tenders and the choice of suppliers.

This consultancy expertise is at the foundation of Three Media, but the insight and understanding gained through this work has been invaluable when designing and developing our own product, XEN:Pipeline. This Business Content Management system is built to manage, automate and optimise all aspects of the supply chain from production to distribution. As with our consultancy services, the mantra of simplify, optimise and deliver, underpins the principles of the product.

Those guiding values have stood us in good stead over the years but now they have been adapted further to create a 30-Day Challenge. By combining our consulting and technology know-how with the latest data-based simulation techniques, we can create a detailed model within XEN:Pipeline, of a client’s operation or workflows and scrutinise them to identify what works and what does not.

The model can cover all or part of the content supply chain and its processing parts. These are examined, together with service-level agreement information, the required throughput, shift patterns and staffing levels. After all this has been loaded into XEN:Pipeline, a baseline run is performed. This identifies errors and warnings in the supply chain and potential faults such as storage capacity problems, transcode queue build-up and delivery flatlines.

Once these parameters have been laid out, the optimisation is set up to run using the artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) engine within XEN:Pipeline. These results and recommendations are then interpreted and highlight where improvements and changes need to be made. Further optimisation will prove the results and provide the blueprint for change.

It is this breadth of experience, understanding of the broadcast market and access to the latest technologies that has made Three Media a leader in the consultancy sector. Now we are pushing forward again with a unique, joint consultancy and product driven approach to analyse a client’s operations and identify where improvements can be made.

Put the 30-Day challenge to the test and unlock the potential in your business.

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