Varnish Software – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award winner – Publish

Varnish Software – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award winner – Publish

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Varnish Software – NAB Show 2023 BaM Award winner – Publish

Fri 14, 07 2023

Varnish Software: achieving > 1.3 Tbps throughput on a single server

 Varnish Software, a leader in web caching, video streaming and content delivery software solutions, recently set a new industry record for content delivery performance, achieving greater than 1.3 Tbps throughput on a single Edge server consuming approximately 1,120 watts, resulting in 1.17 Gbps per Watt.

The massive breakthrough unlocks entirely new possibilities for video service providers and the live event industry to deliver flawless live streamed events to massive audiences worldwide, in a more economical and sustainable way.

The benchmarks were accomplished using Varnish Enterprise 6 deployed on a Supermicro 2U CloudDC server powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors – all off-the-shelf, commercially available solutions – without requiring the use of specialized, added-cost TLS offload cards. Therefore, the throughput and energy efficiencies achieved can be applied to a broad range of servers and real-world applications depending on the needs of any-sized organization using Varnish Enterprise 6.

This advancement has never been more vital for the industry, as broadcasters, streamers and CSPs face exploding demand for more data-rich content as well as live and interactive video experiences, requiring new content delivery solutions that can both tame unpredictable costs and legacy infrastructure. Simply adding more servers, accelerators, or infrastructure to handle the increased load will not be scalable or sustainable in the long run.

To keep up with demand economically, content delivery solutions supporting Video on Demand (VoD) and live video services need greater performance across input/output (IO), memory and compute. The goal is to deliver more throughput with less energy at the lowest cost possible.

Varnish Software solves this challenge by optimizing every layer of media content delivery, from traffic routing and management to how content is stored and accessed, enabling any video provider or broadcaster to deliver more content with less resources.

This includes continual updates and significant enhancements to Varnish Enterprise 6, the industry’s most feature-rich content delivery software designed for unmatched performance, robustness and flexibility when delivering digital experiences at scale. The comprehensive offering includes API and web acceleration, content delivery and edge solutions, and is pivotal to providing faster digital experiences, supporting greater and more geographically dispersed traffic, and delivering more content with less hardware and energy than ever before.

Varnish Software’s unique architecture, features and capabilities include synchronous direct I/O, NUMA awareness and software based, in-process, TLS, and more.

Over 20% of the world’s top websites and leading video service providers use Varnish Software’s caching and CDN solutions. Customers who have deployed Varnish Software include Sky, Emirates, Hulu, Migros, Tesla, CBC and Future Publishing.

This major industry milestone represents a new performance standard for TLS-encrypted traffic once thought impossible. This breakthrough could allow any organization to reduce their streaming content delivery power requirements dramatically and brings the broadcasting industry closer to reaching true zero latency, which is critical for delivering the next generation of video and digital experiences.

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