Video Workflow Storage Evolution: The Sequel

Video Workflow Storage Evolution: The Sequel


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Video Workflow Storage Evolution: The Sequel

Blog from Caringo

Tue 04, 08 2020

Get your summer of 2020 “Sequel” fix with 5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows: The Sequel on August 4.

Broadcasting from home, the myriad of reunion shows, canned crowd noise and fake fans in seats; the output of the creativity of producers and broadcasters is evident during the pandemic. What isn’t evident for most viewers is what’s going on behind the scenes. Processes established over many years to decades were disrupted without warning. This forced organizations to weigh what needed to be done to ensure content creation continued.

What Underlying Infrastructure Should Organizations Prioritize?

For many, recording devices and editing processes took precedence in the recent past. But, as we settle into our new normal, innovative organizations are now looking at underlying infrastructure (like storage) to ensure efficient and cost-effective content production. This is why we decided to update our 5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows webinar.

Past, Present and Future of Video Production Workflow Storage

The premise of the webinar is to give a high-level overview of the storage technologies currently available and discuss where they fit into the broadcast and video production process. Nick Smith, VP of Technology for JB&A, and I discuss all tiers of storage—not just the archive tier. When the webinar first debuted in December 2018, no one could have predicted where we would be today. In this “Sequel,” we will look at how requirements have evolved in the past 18 months and how storage tiers map to those requirements and we will make our predictions for the next 18 months.

Save Your Seat for the Webinar

So, for those of you disappointed that Top Gun: Maverick and A Quiet Place: Part II have been delayed until 2021, don’t fret! You can get your summer of 2020 “Sequel” fix by registering for 5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows: The Sequel, broadcasting live on August 4 at 11 AM Pacific. If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, the same link will work for the on-demand version. If you have questions either before or after the webinar, feel free to email us or contact us.

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