Zixi – Driving sustainability through total cost of ownership reductions

Zixi – Driving sustainability through total cost of ownership reductions

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Zixi – Driving sustainability through total cost of ownership reductions

Mon 22, 04 2024

Zixi – Driving sustainability through total cost of ownership reductions

John Wastcoat, SVP BD and Marketing, Zixi

In the current environment of organizational cost-cutting amid the push for global corporate profitability, media organizations must continually pursue efficient and cost-effective solutions to manage their large-scale implementations. The undeniable economic benefits of delivering broadcast-quality video over the public internet are becoming mainstream; however, as consumers become increasingly careful about the environmental impacts of media organizations, these entities are now held accountable for their carbon footprint and are expected to align with sustainability initiatives.

Zixi stands out by showcasing technology that optimizes various facets of video streaming workflows, not only reducing cost but also placing a strong focus on sustainability. With years of investment in efficiency and performance enhancements, Zixi is committed to providing solutions that require fewer compute resources, resulting in lower costs for its customers while simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability.

While the primary focus remains on cost-effectiveness and total cost of ownership (TCO), Zixi addresses sustainability through efficiency enhancements, decreased infrastructure demands and bandwidth optimization. Acknowledging the reality that businesses are ultimately accountable to their shareholders and must have a economic benefit, Zixi’s sustainability efforts stand out by offering baseline improvements in cost-effectiveness. These advancements contribute to fostering more sustainable workflows by reducing resource consumption and operational costs.

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) with the Zixi Protocol stands out in achieving both cost-effectiveness and sustainability through several key features:

  1. Unmatched compute efficiency: The SDVP with the Zixi Protocol boast an impressive 14x more compute efficiency than alternative solutions utilizing less efficient protocols like open-source offerings. This increased efficiency plays a pivotal role in reducing the complexity and cost associated with managing large-scale implementations for modern broadcasters. By requiring just fraction of the compute requirement compared to other industry options, the SDVP delivers sustainable workflows with substantial cost savings. Notably, Zixi’s runs on ARM Processors, including AWS Graviton 2/3, providing an additional 50% cost and energy savings over Intel.
  2. Reduced infrastructure requirements: The superior efficiency of the SDVP eliminates the need for excessive virtual machines, leading to significant cost savings. Organizations can achieve this by requiring fewer virtual machines to handle the same workload, translating to substantial cost savings across various operational aspects, including compute, engineering, operations and energy consumption.
  3. Bandwidth optimization: The SDVP, powered by the Zixi Protocol, offers bandwidth efficiency through two crucial mechanisms: null packet compression and video awareness. These capabilities enable media organizations to reduce their bandwidth consumption and transport stream egress costs by an average of 50%, all while maintaining video quality and producing the pre-encode bitrate post-decode.

In essence, Zixi’s commitment to sustainability is not just a superficial overlay; it is deeply embedded in the technological fabric of its solutions. The company’s focus on efficiency enhancements, reduced infrastructure demands, and bandwidth optimization aligns with the broader industry trend of balancing cost-effectiveness with environmental responsibility.

Efficiency as the cornerstone: Zixi recognizes that efficiency is not just a buzzword; it is the cornerstone of sustainable and cost-effective video streaming workflows. By investing in technological advancements that significantly reduce compute requirements, Zixi enables its customers to achieve substantial cost savings while simultaneously lessening their environmental impact. The 14 times greater compute efficiency positions Zixi as a frontrunner in providing solutions that prioritize resource optimization without compromising on performance.

The intersection of cost-effectiveness and sustainability: In the competitive landscape of video streaming, the intersection of cost-effectiveness and sustainability is where Zixi excels. While cost reduction remains a top priority for media organizations, the demand for sustainable practices is no longer a mere trend but a fundamental expectation from consumers and stakeholders alike. The SDVP addresses both aspects seamlessly, offering a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes costs but also aligns with the broader commitment to environmental responsibility.

Balancing shareholder expectations with sustainability initiatives: Acknowledging the primary accountability to shareholders, Zixi’s approach to sustainability is pragmatic and business-oriented. The company understands that any sustainability efforts must provide baseline improvements in cost-effectiveness to gain traction, and by offering solutions that not only reduce costs but also enhance operational efficiency, Zixi ensures that its sustainability initiatives align with the fundamental interests of its stakeholders. This strategic alignment positions Zixi as a responsible and forward-thinking player in the dynamic landscape of video streaming technology.

Future outlook: sustaining success in a changing landscape: As the video streaming landscape continues to evolve, the importance of sustainability will only grow. Media organizations, driven by consumer expectations and regulatory pressures, will increasingly prioritize solutions that not only deliver cost savings but also contribute to environmental responsibility. Zixi’s sustained commitment to efficiency, reduced infrastructure demands, and bandwidth optimization positions the company for continued success in this changing landscape.

The SDVP with the Zixi Protocol stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of video streaming technology. By prioritizing efficiency and sustainability, Zixi not only addresses the immediate needs of cost-conscious media organizations but also sets a standard for responsible and environmentally conscious streaming practices. As the industry marches towards a future where sustainability is non-negotiable, Zixi’s contributions pave the way for a more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly era in video streaming.


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