The IABM BaM Awards®

IABM BaM Awards


Breaking away from outdated, hardware-centric industry models, the BaM Awards® categories are based on IABM’s new industry model, the BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer. The BaM™ Content Chain describes the industry in the same way that broadcast and media companies themselves think, using the same terminology.

Encouraging innovation for more than 25 years

The Broadcast and Media awards (BaMs™) are presented at NAB Show Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam to recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits.

The BaMs™ are awarded to innovations in nine categories that accurately model the structure of the industry today, with one additional tenth category for alternative projects, events or service. All the winners are automatically shortlisted for the IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award, with the overall winner receiving this ultimate industry accolade at the IABM’s Annual Awards at the end of the year.

Submissions for the BaMs™ are open to every company that has launched a new product or service within 12 months of NAB Show Las Vegas or IBC respectively. Judging is carried out by a panel of 40 non-affiliated, expert judges, making the BaMs™ the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and a genuinely valuable accolade for the winners that delivers industry-wide recognition and reward.

BaM Awards® at NAB Show Las Vegas

Click here to view the full list of winners from the awards presentation hosted at NAB Show on Tuesday April 9th.

Entry to the 2020 BaM Awards at NAB Show Las Vegas will open in January 2020.

BaM Awards® at IBC

Click here to view the full list of finalists for the awards. The awards will be presented at IBC on Saturday 14 September. 

The BaM Awards® are...

Run by the industry’s only international trade association

Judged by a panel of 40+ non-affiliated, subject experts

Open to everyone exhibiting at NAB Show Las Vegas & IBC

Recognize innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits

Built on the BaM Content Chain® industry model

Worldwide recognition of your innovation and hard work

The Categories

Create covers the process of original acquisition or creation of raw content – live (“real-time”) or recorded, in a studio or in the field and the technology that enables this process. While this naturally includes distinct products such as cameras and accessories, lighting and audio recorders, it also encompasses UGC and social media. Services such as OB/Remote trucks also come into the Create link. While these currently overlap into the Produce link, with the growing trend towards remote production using IP, OBs/Remotes will increasingly be fully described within Create.

Acquisition – cameras, camera accessories, audio acquisition, lighting, social/UGC

Produce encompasses the production process (real-time/live) and post-production (file-based) to create a finished piece of content. The enabling technology that supports Produce includes graphics, audio production, video production and services, production and post-production software – including film transfer, editing, audio post, finishing, VFX and graphics, and services.

Real-Time Production – RT prod graphics, audio production, video production, production services
Manage Production – production software, post-production software
Post-Production – film transfer, editing, audio post, finishing, VFX & graphics, post-production services

Manage defines the aggregation, preparation and management of completed content items ready for distribution. This includes content preparation and services, content and workflow management and orchestration, metadata, and operational analytics – everything from ingest and QC to transcoding; the process of readying content for delivery to the end-user customer.

Manage & Orchestrate – content & workflow management
Prepare – content preparation, content services

Publish covers an ever-growing field as viewing and listening choices continue to expand. It is defined as the playout or publication of content ready for consumers, and its subsequent distribution to reach consumers. Enabling technology for Publish includes linear playout systems, linear playout services, non-linear publishing systems, non-linear publishing services, projectors, large LED screens, protection & encryption, linear distribution & encryption, Cable, IPTV, satellite, terrestrial distribution, and internet distribution.

Linear Playout – linear playout systems, linear playout services
Non-Linear Publishing – non-linear publishing systems, non-linear publishing services
Venue Exhibition – projectors, large LED screens
Content Production – protection & encryption
Linear Distribution – distribution & encryption, Cable, IPTV, satellite, terrestrial distribution
Internet Distribution – internet distribution

Managing business processes for content rights and royalties, scheduling linear and non-linear services, and selling and managing advertising.

Example Products and Services
Broadcast management systems including scheduling, traffic, and rights and royalties tools. Advertising, including addressable and programmatic. Data aggregation and analysis.

Connect defines the infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth used to move content within and between facilities. This includes intra-facility connectivity, inter-facility connectivity, video interfacing & conversion, audio interfacing & conversion, and file & object delivery.

Provide Access and bandwidth connectivity
Real-Time Transfer – intra-facility connectivity, inter-facility connectivity, video interfacing & conversion, audio interfacing & conversion
File transfer – file & object delivery

Every process in the chain also needs access to storage, whether it’s raw content, work-in-progress, completed projects or archived content. This includes VTRs & DVRs, video servers, portable storage, on-premise storage, and cloud storage.

Real-Time Storage – VTR’s & DVR’s, video servers
File & Object Storage – portable storage, on-premise storage, cloud storage

The Support link encompasses the supporting capabilities used across the content supply chain to monitor and secure content and run operations. This includes video and audio monitoring, system monitoring, test & measurement, communications, cyber-security and protection, on-premise compute, cloud compute, facility hardware, implementation services, and rental services.

Video monitors, intercom, compute power, cybersecurity, software development
Monitor, Control Comms – video monitoring, audio monitor, system monitoring, test & measurement, communications
Secure – access, protect
Compute – on-premise compute, cloud compute
Design Build Run – facility hardware, implementation services, rental services

The final link in the content chain – and the force that ultimately powers it – Consume defines all the touchpoints with the end-consumer of the content. Examples include a consumer-facing app that makes content recommendations and captures consumer data.

User Experience – identity management, UI & UX, apps and platforms

Applicable for projects, events, team collaborative efforts, products, systems or services not covered by the above nine categories


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