On Camera Lighting - IABM BaM Product Category

On Camera Lighting - IABM BaM Product Category

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On-camera lighting

On-camera lighting

Portable lightweight lights for direct mounting on field cameras, camcorders and UAVs/drones.

ARRI Orbiter LED fixture

The ultra-bright LED point source with a variety of optics.

Nanlux Dyno 1200C RGBWW LED Soft Panel Light

Created by LED specialists Nanlux and backed by almost 30 years of experience.

Nanlux Dyno 650C RGBWW LED Soft Panel Light

Powerful performance. Beautifully soft.

M600R KNOWLED Full-Color LED Light

The M600R, the first RGBWW full-color COB light in the KNOWLED series.


The most versatile and advanced lighting solution from the Knowled series

LITEMONS Full-color LED Light: LA150R/200R/300R 300Bi

Introducing the LITEMONS LA series!

Newz LED Light

Built for extreme weather, the Newz offers variable color temperature and IP weather protection.

Flexible LED Light Panel Kit Bi- Color FB-21

Power Draw: 100W Dimensions: 61*30cm / 2*1ft Color Temperature: 3000K – 5600K