Ott Ovp Managed Service Platforms - IABM BaM Product Category

Ott Ovp Managed Service Platforms - IABM BaM Product Category

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OTT/OVP managed service platforms

Video-on-demand over-the-top (OTT) online video platform (OVP) services provided as a managed service, typically including content management, VOD platform, distribution and monetization models.

Adaptive NightVision

An innovative solution to address situations where video content is not bright enough for the screen

OTT & IPTV Solutions

Customizable turn-key IPTV & OTT solutions to rapidly serve new platforms.

Master Control & Playout Services

Our playout facility helps with originating and manipulating content to your specific needs.

Agile Devices

Deliver and manage your TV service through both hardware and software on multiple devices

VIA Live

VIA Live – Bring your live channels online – effortlessly!

VIA Orchestrate

Making video workflow management simple

Vimond VIA

Vimond VIA is a cloud based , modular and scalable Video Content Management system (Video CMS).

5G Multi-Stream Sync Playback

Multithreading content downloading ⬝ Multi-screen load balance ⬝ Software decode

Agile Processing

An end-to-end audio, video and subtitles processing platform for video content

Goose OTT Vdemo

Goose is an One-stop OTT white-label video SaaS platform. Welcome to free trial at

Vizzi – Next Generation OTT-TV Platform

Vizzi is an all-in-one solution to publish, distribute, manage and monetize your media content.