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Virtual Channel Creation

OTT/OVP managed service platforms

Virtual Channel Creation helps broadcasters and content providers to increase relevance and reach both for their viewers and advertisers by creating regionalized and customized online channels in a cost-efficient manner. The solution has proven especially valuable when adding regional news or weather to national channels or to provide regionalized ad insertion.

Virtual Channel Creation is based on a unique technology where content is stitched together from various sources into a channel. Compared to the needs typically posed by other systems, it does not require the significant investments in production, encoding and storage capacity.

Regional channels are often encoded and stored as full channels, meaning the national content is encoded and stored multiple times – once per regional channel. With Virtual Channel Creation, national content only needs to be stored and encoded once. Regional content can then be stitched into the national channel to create each full regional channel. As a result, encoder and storage needs are reduced. If using cloud-based encoders, the cost savings enabled by this is significant. Similarly, the need for NAS storage, which is required to create Live to VoD content, is reduced.

Virtual Channel Creation also provides an option to use lower bitrate options of the regional content, reducing the encoder and storage need even further. Use cases demonstrate a 95% encoder capacity saving for national channels and an 89% encoder saving for regional channels when using the option to use a lower bitrate variant for the regional channels.

It can also be used to insert public safety messages, as well as efficiently manage restrictions in content distribution rights by inserting replacement segments, programs or providing a blackout solution, even for time-shifted content.

Virtual Channel Creation resides within StreamBuilder, providing broadcasters and content providers with segmentation, packaging and subtitling functionality needed for internet-based distribution.

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