Virtual Channel Creation - IABM Single BaM Product

Virtual Channel Creation - IABM Single BaM Product

Agile Devices

Agile Devices


Agile Device Manager

Manage, monitor and protect all your Android devices, using a single and easy-to-use interface developed by WeTek, an Agile Content brand. 

  • Reduce on-site assistance

  • Increase hardware lifecycle

  • Improve customer support

Agile Set-top Boxes

Custom Android Devices for BusinessCreate your own Android device with the help of our expert team. Make it the perfect fit for your business model and customer needs.

Android gives you versatilityVersatility to make intelligent choices and secure your investments. At Agile, we are experts in creating the perfect Android device for your business.

Fully customizable hardwareAgile develops innovative and highly customizable next-generation set-top boxes. From the board concept to the housing and RCU, up to packaging and branding, Agile has it all covered and will adapt to your requirements.


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