Structured Wiring Cables Connectors - IABM BaM Product Category

Structured Wiring Cables Connectors - IABM BaM Product Category

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Structured wiring, cables, connectors

Structured wiring, cables, connectors

Video and data cabling and connectors, installed or portable.

Active Optical Cables (AOC) for Video

Ultra-High Bandwidth Optical Signals for Audio/Video Go the Distance.

Argosy Image Video Cable

Argosy’s ‘Image’ range of Video Cables produced in 4 sizes & in 5 jacket colours for HD & 3G

4K (UHD) Mudigsa Video Patch Panels

1U, 32 way, Video patch panel with Tie Bar, capable of handling 12G video signals. Requires U links

12G BNC Connector for single-link 4K for Argosy Image & Belden cable types

12G capable, 4K single channel compatible 75Ω BNC crimp connector with a black-chrome plate finish

Belden Professional Coaxial Video Cable Range

Small profile HD video cable by Belden used for short run HDTV circuits in machine rooms

Argosy 4K UHD BNC termination panel

4K (UHD) CTP available in 1RU or 2RU and in a choice of 16 way, 20 way or 24 way configuration

Argosy High Definition Musa Panels

Argosy 1RU, 24 way, 3G HD Musa pane with rear tie-bar. Requires U-links to normal

Systems integration

You know what you need. We know how to put it together.


RipWrap can replace Gaffer tape for any strapping application.

Consulting and Integration services

With a team of 15 specialists from different fields around video and audio we can help you.