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Maxiva™ UAXT Ultra-Compact / VAXT Ultra-Compact

Analog TV transmitters

The new Maxiva UAXT & VAXT Ultra-Compact family of UHF solid-state Transmitters / Transposers (Translators) and on-channel Gap Fillers expands upon the proven foundation of GatesAir low-power systems and PowerSmart® high-efficiency technology.  It provides today’s digital broadcaster with a suite of compatible products to accommodate any coverage application, along with unmatched performance, reliability and quality.

The Maxiva Ultra-Compact family further extends the capabilities of the Maxiva series, providing a single family of transmission products capable of satisfying any coverage architecture.  The Maxiva Ultra-Compact provides pre-filter power levels up to 1,000W, in exceptionally compact and space-saving 1RU, 2RU and 3RU packages.

Designed for both analogue and digital broadcasting, the Maxiva UAXT/VAXT Ultra-Compact is a platform available in Transmitter, Transposer or SFN Gap Filler configurations for DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB-Tb, DAB/DAB+ and NTSC/PAL analogue networks. The Maxiva Ultra-Compact Series provides an ideal solution for extending market coverage and filling in coverage gaps in challenging situations, including busy urban areas that require greater building penetration.

The Maxiva UAXT & VAXT Ultra Compact family of Transposers and on-channel Gap Fillers provide efficient and reliable re-broadcast of the received signal in a space saving, reliable and robust package. The Gap Filler configuration adds a powerful echo cancellation feature to deliver exceptional on-channel performance. For ATSC (8-VSB) Gap Filler applications, a new on-channel Spectrum Restorer utilizing EDOCR technology provides unsurpassed performance.  This combination of products enables broadcasters to address any network coverage requirement.

Maxiva Ultra-Compact Platform:

  • High-efficiency broadband amplifier technology

  • Power levels up to 1,000W (pre-filter average power)

  • Frequency agile broadband design (two bands):

    • UHF Band IV/V, 470 to 810 MHz

    • VHF Band III, 170-240 MHz

  • Extremely compact, space-saving, 1RU, 2RU, and 3RU 19” chassis

  • Full local/remote control capability including:

    • Local touch-screen display

    • Web GUI interface

    • SNMP

Transposer / Translator:

  • Supports analog and digital standards

  • Direct baseband conversion (zero IF) and fully regenerative conversion options available

SFN Gap Filler:

  • Includes a powerful echo cancellation circuit, 15dB of Gain Margin

  • Low processing delay, < 10 µS

  • Cancellation window width 20  µS

  • Selective cancellation window range 1.6 µS to 820 µs

  • MER degradation <  2dB

  • ATSC SFN Gap Filler is now realizable using GatesAir’s (8-VSB) Spectrum Restorer

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