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The Maxiva UAXTE is a compact air-cooled TV transmitter that provides over the air delivery in the UHF spectrum. Built on GatesAir’s groundbreaking PowerSmart Plus architecture, the Maxiva UAXTE provides an energy-efficient, broadband solution to reliably deliver rich, high-quality multiformat content to viewers at home or on the move.

Optimized for International Markets
The Maxiva UAXTE utilizes the latest generation 50 volt LDMOS amplifier devices, new compact high-efficiency power supplies and the Maxiva Compact series exciter/driver along with real-time adaptive correction (RTAC) for outstanding signal performance. The Maxiva UAXTE power amplifiers have been optimized to provide the best possible performance and efficiency for both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0. The UAXTE transmitter is rate for identical average power levels for both modulations, assuring a simple and cost-effective upgrade path for future ATSC 3.0 operation. The modular design further simplifies installation and reduces maintenance costs, dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership over the transmitters life-cycle.
The Maxiva UAXTE with PowerSmart Plus is an efficiency-optimized UHF transmitter. This all-new design includes several energy saving features.

Up to 44% AC-to-RF efficiency
Simple and cost-effective upgrade path from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0 at the same power level.
Efficiency-optimized – for highest efficiency and lowest cost of ownership
Variable speed fans to intelligently save energy
Hot-swappable, compact, high-efficiency DC power supplies
Hot-swappable, compact, high-efficiency power amplifiers
Incorporates the XTE-based Maxiva Compact exciter/driver for best-in-class performance
RoHS compliant / CE compliant
Support for all worldwide digital modulation standards
Modular & upgradeable architecture
All-digital linear and nonlinear pre-correction: Real-Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC)
Rugged, reliable design and construction
Ideal for N+1 configurations since all transmitters are identical and use the same PA’s, minimizing spares requirements
Lowest energy usage
Minimum operating cost