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Venue Player

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The Venue Player system is a compact, reliable, multiple output video server supporting up to eight full HD or two UHD outputs, all with up to sixteen channels of embedded audio. Multiple storage options allow for hours of playout of uncompressed YCbCr or RGB, 8, 10, or 12 bit video from a single 1RU package. The Venue Player system is unmatched in number of outputs, small size and storage capacity.

The Venue Player’s control application is the Venue Player GUI or browser based Venue Player Manager which can control video sequences in several ways. One or more units can be instructed to start playout based on system clock time (NTP synchronized) or an incoming LTC time code value. Play commands can be applied to one or several sequences at a time. Each unit has a direct user interface via keyboard & mouse, or full set up and playback control via networked device such as a tablet or laptop with web browser. Functions can also be accessed from a command line scripting interface or VDCP over IP.

Venue Players also come with 10G IP or 12G-SDI interfaces with multiple storage configurations.