Broadcaster/Media Company of the Year

This award recognizes and rewards broadcasters or media companies that have demonstrated throughout the year that they are at the forefront of creating and distributing ground-breaking content through innovation across the content chain.

Entries now closed. Shortlist will be announced soon.

2019 Winner

NOA (News Over Audio)

Noa is changing the way people engage with quality journalism. It provides spoken-word versions of articles from publishers such as The New York Times, Financial Times, The Telegraph and Harvard Business Review. Noa has a novel approach: each audio article is grouped into a topic-specific playlist which allows people to listen from A-to-Z on any subject, in minutes. This is a learning-based approach to news consumption that can be heavily gamified and scaled.

“We are succeeding in the battle for people’s time, especially the younger demographics – our mission is to ensure quality journalism remains relevant to a mass consumer audience,” said Noa co-founder, Gareth Hickey. “We don’t want to live in a world of unfiltered information. It is our belief that in a world where people consume multiple sources of trustworthy media, fake news smothers and knowledge begets knowledge.”

2018 Winner

NEP Australia

NEP Australia wins the 2018 Award for its continent-wide and intercontinental IP remote production, with two hubs – Sydney and Melbourne – connecting with 29 sporting venues utilizing over two thousand SMPTE ST 2110 links.

“The consumption model of broadcast is changing. People want everything anywhere, all the time. To keep pace with this trend and allow Fox Sports Australia and other stations to produce ever more high-quality content with their most talented people, NEP Australia broke away from the limitations of siloed operations. NEP’s new Andrews Hubs in Sydney and Melbourne—the most technically advanced facilities on this scale in the world—enable multiple concurrent outside broadcasts via IP,” said Christian Scheck of Lawo, who nominated NEP Australia.