In conversation with Rose Adkins Hulse (CEO of Screenhits TV)

In conversation with Rose Adkins Hulse (CEO of Screenhits TV)

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Rose Adkins Hulse (CEO of Screenhits TV)

IABM Head of Marketing and Membership Engagement Lisa Collins sits down with Rose Adkins Hulse (CEO of Screenhits TV) about the launch of their supper aggregator app to streamline at home viewing.

Hear how the app allows consumers to manage all their streaming subscriptions, AVOD and Live Channels in one easy to use app. Consumers can now easily see what is trending, share recommendations with friends and manage their favourite content across ALL their subscriptions and content channels, in a simple, easy to use traditional EPG (TV Guide) with key cost saving benefits.

The new ScreenHits TV app will allow existing subscribers to the leading streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Starz, HBO Streaming Services, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, BFI Player, MUBI, The Criterion Channel, Eurosport, HayU, Shudder, Kidoodle the ability to integrate their existing streaming platforms for FREE and watch Live premium TV channels and 1000s of shows and films with plans starting as low as £1.99/month. Consumers will also be able to bundle and save more than 25% with some of the leading premium OTT streaming platforms. 

The new app provides consumers with increased transparency and control over how they manage their subscriptions all in one place.