JUMP Quality of Experience

JUMP Quality of Experience


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JUMP Quality of Experience

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Mon 28, 03 2022

Improve the Quality of Experience for your viewers to better retain and engage your audience

Creating unique experiences and taking care of the users’ journey is essential to increase their consumption. But, to engage and retain the current audience, the quality of the video streaming experience is key. The reality is that many video companies mainly focus on acquiring new users for their platform and forget to make efforts to monitor and act on quality issues of their audience experience.

  • Monitors the five key critical areas of video QoS

Playback Experience: Playback Failure & Concurrent Plays.

Video Startup Time: Video Startup Time, Player Startup Time, Page Load Time & View Seek Duration.

Smoothness: Rebuffer Percentage, Rebuffer Count, Rebuffer Frequency, Rebuffer Duration.

Video Quality: Upscaling Percentage, Downscaling Percentage, Max Upscale Percentage, Max Downscale Percentage & Weighted Average Bitrate.

Errors: Player Error Code, Percentage Affected User & Percentage Affected Devices.

  • Gets real-time alerts when something goes wrong.
  • Tracks playback down to individual user level to know what’s going on
  • Rates your viewers with a churn risk based on their video experience and identify the main reasons that influence churn

Therefore, a JUMP QoE will let you get the most accurate answers about your video streaming performance, see what’s happening in real-time (before users do), understand every single view and predict churn risk based on your users’ experience

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