LTN – Driving business success with automated versioning technology

LTN – Driving business success with automated versioning technology

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LTN – Driving business success with automated versioning technology

Fri 19, 04 2024

LTN – Driving business success with automated versioning technology

Rick Young, SVP, Head of Global Products

Media companies are actively exploring ways to maximize their content delivery and operations. Technological advancements, particularly through the smart use of metadata and IP distribution, are revolutionizing resource-intensive processes. These innovations aim to reduce the overhead required to create great channels and tailored live events while enhancing the precision and speed of content delivery.

Automation driven systems must strike a delicate balance. They must be robust enough to tackle the challenges posed by today’s evolving market dynamics yet user-friendly for technical experts and non-technical staff. Compatibility with existing infrastructure is crucial to ensure seamless automated versioning without disrupting ongoing operations.

This is not to say it makes certain roles redundant. There will always be a need for on-site engineers, operations teams, and production staffers. Their expertise in equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality, on-air experience complements automated workflows. But, by harnessing automation to drive versioning technology, media companies will realize the tangible benefits of getting content to market seamlessly and start maximizing monetization potential.

Enhanced content production

With broadcasters having vast media archives and often sophisticated on-prem investments, a hybrid cloud solution that ties hosted software and on-prem infrastructure together and collects the info required to build automated processes will be key to driving success in live event and playout automation.

One example where we are seeing automation creating new and creative channels being delivered to consumers across platforms is in newsrooms. As news, at its core, is most valuable when built around live, its workflows are very complex and require automation but not at the expense of flexibility. But with the right automated versioning tools, staff can leverage investments in newsgathering and editorial teams to maximize the value of the material and put out an array of options to platforms and evolving online news consumer demographics.

By automating the channel creation process and the control room, media organizations will reduce unnecessary investments – both capital and operating – and enable teams to focus on getting the best content targeted to viewers. In a landscape that is increasingly demanding, content production will run smoother from the start of the content process to the end, giving media companies control over their content distribution.

Greater flexibility and collaboration

Collaboration is key to success, but this can only be achieved with flexible solutions. Flexibility is a key goal for automation systems, as it enables streamlined remote monitoring and seamless integration into broadcast workflows.

With the right playout automation options, ideally married to content publishing and delivery networks, systems should be able to seamlessly integrate with remote monitoring setups. Whether it’s monitoring live feeds, adjusting content delivery, or responding to unexpected events, automation adapts. It’s the silent partner that ensures uninterrupted broadcasts, even in environments where scaled-down teams are forced to do more with less.

Utilizing automation methodologies mustn’t be seen as just a tool; it’s an integral part of modern broadcast workflows. From ingest to playout, it can help orchestrate the entire process. As media companies continue to embrace smart technologies, they pave the way for a future where efficiency, accuracy, and creativity coexist seamlessly.

Maximizing cost savings through playout automation

 It’s no secret that automation saves money. But a better understanding of how these cost savings can drive business success is important. With budgets and time tighter than before, media companies will be keen to use the cost savings to enhance their business strategy.

Creative application of unique automation powering solutions can take away repetitive and time-consuming tasks from staff. Media companies can make the most of the extra resources to free up human capacity for strategic decision-making and creative endeavors on the content production side of the business. This can drive innovation that will unlock revenue streams.

Automation is a powerful tool that can also ensure timely project delivery while adhering to budget constraints. In a diverse workforce, each employee brings a unique approach to tasks. However, reconciling these variations across multiple team members can be resource-intensive. By embracing automation, organizations minimize manual discrepancies and mitigate risks associated with critical functions such as structural analysis, estimations, detailing fabrication, and on-site execution. Media companies are empowered to create increased efficiency, allowing teams to achieve more with fewer resources.

Fostering business success with a technology partner

Automation is more important now than ever for getting content to air quickly and accurately. Media companies need the right technology to maximize global reach and value, whether live events or fresh content.

It makes sense to consider partnering with a trusted service provider that can harness automated versioning technology that puts efficiency and scale at the heart of its tech capabilities.

The journey toward automation is a collaborative one, where technology and human expertise converge to redefine what’s possible. A technology partner aligning with your new content product roadmap for both channels and live events is key to driving long-term business success. With next-generation automation technology, organizations can overcome today’s pressing challenges, streamline their operations, and propel their content to new heights while minimizing costs.

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