Matrix Solutions – The future of advertising sales: adapting to change and building success

Matrix Solutions – The future of advertising sales: adapting to change and building success

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Matrix Solutions – The future of advertising sales: adapting to change and building success

Tue 19, 12 2023

Matrix Solutions – The future of advertising sales: adapting to change and building success

Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions

Current trends in television advertising spend

Global television advertising revenue is expected to reach $132.4 billion in 2023, according to Statista. While this is down slightly from 2022, it still represents a significant investment by advertisers.

One of the key trends in television advertising spend is the shift to connected TV (CTV). CTV ad spending is expected to reach $26 billion in 2023, and will grow to be 50% the size of linear TV ad spending by the end of 2024.

Another trend is the rise of advanced TV advertising. Advanced TV advertising uses data and technology to target viewers more precisely and measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns more accurately. Advanced TV ad spending is expected to reach $29.59 billion in 2023, which is an increase of 22.3% from 2022.


The need for greater efficiency in advertising sales teams

The shift to CTV and advanced TV advertising is creating new challenges for advertising sales teams. These teams need to be able to sell and manage a wider range of ad products across a more complex ecosystem. They also need to be able to measure the results of their campaigns more accurately.

This is where Matrix Solutions can help. Matrix provides a centralised platform for managing all aspects of the advertising sales process, from planning and forecasting to order management and reporting. This solution, named Monarch, is meticulously designed to address the intricate needs of modern media advertising, embracing diverse channels such as linear, digital, addressable, programmatic, FAST, and more.

Monarch is a robust revenue management engine offering native workflows, reports, and dashboards that furnish a comprehensive view of historical, current, and future data. Its business analysis capabilities are instrumental in driving the monetization of the entire product portfolio.

Monarch’s primary strength lies in its proprietary master data management (MDM) cleansing workflow. This innovative feature efficiently aggregates, cleanses, and normalizes all revenue data, ensuring that organizations can attain a holistic and accurate view of advertiser or agency spending, even when dealing with disparate data sources.

Key Monarch Reports:

  1. New Business Continuation – identifies churn and growth trends with new business accounts. Utilizes intelligent logic to categorize accounts, aiding in understanding the lifetime value of a client.
  2. Sales Coverage Analysis – a strategic tool for sales teams to assess spending allocations of accounts, providing insights by market or channel – enabling more targeted sales efforts.
  3. Sales Productivity – allows leadership to evaluate sales members’ activity levels, correlating activities with successful deal closures, optimizing performance.
  4. Account Growth – Leveraging analytics, industry inputs, and economic trends to identify accounts requiring acquisition, growth or retention strategies. A proactive approach to managing the client base.

In addition to its core capabilities and in-depth analytics, Monarch delivers exceptional value across various dimensions of media ad-inventory sales and management.

  • Account/Agency Management – facilitates comprehensive account management from Holding Company through Brand relationships.
  • Account Operations – Addresses the entire spectrum from cost of client acquisition to pitch-to-pay tracking, retention, and growth analysis.
  • Revenue Management – Provides cross-platform, unified portfolio revenue management for a cohesive approach.
  • Native Media Reports, Dashboards and Alerts – Delivers intuitive and native reports, dashboards and alerts for informed decision making.

Given the shift to CTV and advanced TV advertising, Monarch stands as a game-changer in the realm of media ad-inventory sales and management. Its comprehensive suite of tools, coupled with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern advertising landscape, driving monetization, profitability, and sustainable growth. Monarch is not just a tool; it’s a strategic ally in the pursuit of advertising revenue growth.

Mark Gorman is the CEO of Matrix Solutions, a leading provider of ad sales technology. He is a recognised expert in the field of sales technology and one of the founders of the Media Ad Sales Summit. He is a passionate advocate for the use of technology to improve sales performance and has been instrumental in developing and marketing a number of innovative sales solutions. Mr. Gorman is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events and has been featured in many leading industry publications, including, Cynopsis, CIO, and Nexttv.

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