Octopus Newsroom - IABM Member Company Details

Octopus Newsroom - IABM Member Company Details

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We are a leading producer of newsroom computer systems in the broadcast industry with 20 years of experience. We develop and supply MOS compliant solutions to TV and News stations, Radio, eSports, Sports and WebTV channels worldwide Our team has a passion for developing the latest technologies, predicting trends in the broadcast industry and delivering the best 24/7 support to our customers.

Founded on the principle that journalists should enjoy making news, Octopus Newsroom produces the software that broadcasters use to deliver the fastest, most complete and interesting news in the world. From New York to Hong Kong, Sao Paulo to Moscow, we assist thousands of daily users in delivering the latest news for on-air broadcasting.


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Offices located in

Country Address
Czech Republic -
Czech Republic Nad Tratí 6 Prague 6 160 00 Prague 6


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