NEP Group 5G MT-UHD MiniTx – BaM Award winner, Connect

NEP Group 5G MT-UHD MiniTx – BaM Award winner, Connect

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NEP Group 5G MT-UHD MiniTx – BaM Award winner, Connect

Tue 12, 12 2023

NEP Group 5G MT-UHD MiniTx  – BaM Award winner, Connect

In the world of live broadcast, the ability to reliably stream high-definition video with low-latency over public and private cellular networks is critical – especially with the increasing adoption of 4K video and demand for remote and wireless production workflows. While traditional wireless video transmission solutions rely on Wi-Fi or bonded cellular data connectivity, which can be slow and prone to interference, NEP’s 5G MT-UHD (MiniTx) takes advantage of 5G new radio (NR) access technology to provide fast and reliable connectivity, even in areas with high network congestion.

The MiniTx is the world’s smallest 5G-enabled, low-latency, UHD wireless video transmitter. Its size allows it to be discreetly installed in tight spaces, mounted directly on a camera, or worn on-body more easily, facilitating new and interesting camera angles that would have been impossible with other wireless transmission solutions.

While the 5G MT-UHD is incredibly compact, it does not require productions to sacrifice video quality. This means that video captured with the MiniTx can fit seamlessly into any production–with the ability to handle HDR, up to 4K resolution, and a variety of transmission modes.

Along with 5G NR coverage, high-quality video encoding, integrated camera control, and low-latency, the 5G MT-UHD MiniTx can support a single UHD video feed or up to four independent HD video feeds up to 1080p59. This provides the ability to capture and transmit multiple videos simultaneously.

The 5G MT-UHD is a result of NEP’s dedication to innovation and pushes the industry forward to bring our clients the highest standard possible. Key features of the MiniTx include:

  • Ultra-compact Size (92×58×32 mm) Makes it incredibly portable and easy to deploy in a wide variety of scenarios.
  • Various Transmission Modes – Supports RTP, Call, Listen, and RdV; providing flexibility across multiple applications.
  • Worldwide 5G NR Coverage via FR1 Bands Provides better coverage and faster speeds in areas with 5G coverage.
  • Integrated GNSS Receiver and Wi-Fi – Provides additional capabilities for location tracking and wireless connectivity for control and updates.
  • Low Latency – Supports real-time transmission of video and audio, which plays a vital role in live event broadcasting applications.
  • Support of Video Formats Up to 2160p59 Supports high-quality video formats up to 4K resolution at a high frame rate.
  • HEVC and AVC encoding at 10-bit 4:2:2 Allows for efficient compression of high-quality video with low bandwidth usage.
  • HDR Capability – Provides a wider range of colors and brightness levels for more realistic and immersive video experiences.

The 5G MT-UHD will increase its competitive edge as upcoming software updates promise enhanced features and performance optimizations:

  • OEM Camera Control and in-Car CAN Bus Support – Integration with existing camera systems and in-car communication networks.
  • Integrated 9-Axis Inertial Sensor – Improved capabilities for motion sensing.
  • Worldwide 5G NR Coverage via FR2 Bands Increased operable frequency bands.

In a world where there is demand for new angles, higher quality, faster speeds, and more content, the MiniTx is an invaluable tool for any production. Learn more or inquire about using the 5G MT-UHD on your next production at



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