TeraVolt TVXRAY – BaM Award winner, Consume

TeraVolt TVXRAY – BaM Award winner, Consume

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TeraVolt TVXRAY – BaM Award winner, Consume

Fri 15, 12 2023

TeraVolt TVXRAY – BaM Award winner, Consume

TeraVolt is a solution provider for digital media products and consulting from Hamburg, Germany. Since 2006, the company specializes in developing outstanding new TV experiences and product lighthouses with our clients. TeraVolt offer products and individual solutions, from market-specific consulting and the conception of electrifying product visions to the technical implementation and operation of their offerings. In September 2023, TeraVolt became part of the Qvest Group. With the exclusive combination of TeraVolt’s specific expertise and comprehensive production know-how, Qvest offers its customers added value that is unique in the media and broadcasting industry and beyond.

The AI-based SaaS product – TVXRAY – already has and will further disrupt live sports broadcast.

Benefits of TVXRAY:

For consumers: 

  • Each user chooses what is relevant to them: live-data, real-time highlights, competition(s) and match(es), incidents.
  • All on the 1st screen
  • On any device
  • Deeper understanding of the competitions with live data and explanations
  • Catch-up Mode

For rights owners/ broadcasters/ TV platforms:

  • USP beyond the broadcasting rights
  • Lean and cost-efficient integration into existing video platform (SDK)
  • Best leverage of all live sports on platform
  • AI-based auto-clips according to viewers’ preferences. More content than any editor could produce.
  • Address viewing habits of young fans without repelling the traditional viewers
  • No 2nd screen anymore: Reduces churn on live TV
  • Creates higher engagement/ longer viewing time/ more consumption
  • Creates more loyalty
  • Increases monetization and upsell-options


Description of TVXRAY:


A linear feed doesn’t take advantage of the possibilities of new technologies and doesn’t meet the requirements of all sports fans. Especially Gen-Z expects short-form, multi-source and engaging content they can interact with. So far, sports fans have consumed statistics and other information they require, on 2nd screen solutions distracting fans.



Therefore, we developed our vision into TVXRAY to “revolutionize” and personalize the way fans can watch sports and adding value to rights owners, broadcasters and TV platforms. The idea is based on three pillars: orientation, de-linearization, and personalization.


  • All data of a matchday at the fingertips. The EPG shows all matches and competitions, whilst the timeline shows the structure of the game (halftime, thirds, quarters, innings etc.)


  • Important scenes upon touching the remote control or the screen. Immediately go to the concurrent game or competition and get an overview there. Core highlights from the timeline or play-by-play. All run through our patented AI-algorithm.


  • Auto-clips from any live sports create a personalized mixed feed: Each viewer can freely determine incidents from other games, competitions, or sports. TVXRAY provides video alerts with live clips over any chosen main match.

Proven Track Record:

Selection of clients within TVXRAY:


Data Insights: 

Live Sports Data:

4.3 (= ca. 26%) clicks on average (per session by consumers)

More than 100 clicks in peak (per session by consumers)

89% of consumers like the feature “Match Stats”

77% of consumers like the feature “Line-Ups”

65% of consumers like the feature “Live-Table”


Video Catch-Up and Switch:

12.3 clicks per session per viewer (=74%) engage with our video features

69% of consumers watch from Auto-Clips

88% of consumers think the Interactive Timeline is “brilliant.”


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