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Broadcast system control SW and HW

Hardware interfaces (including control surfaces, buttons and panels) and software equivalents (such as touchscreen systems) used to control over devices.

Rack Fusion I

probably the world’s most flexible rack controller!

Color Fly

RCP to rule them all


the world’s most flexible RCP just got better

Mini Fly

the Swiss Army knife of controllers

Live Fly

Excitingly flexible with modular options.

Air Fly Pro

the Air Fly on steroids

Rack Fusion Live

Hello Robot! Rack Fusion Live adds PTZ control to your live switching surface in a phenomenally comp

Master Key 36

Old-school luxury panel for live production studios

Quick Bar

Solving difficult and complex control tasks in simple ways

Micro Fly

when you need “just one button”


ControlBridge® Touch Screen Multisystem AV, Room Control and Automation System


Lightning is the world’s most intuitive and flexible meeting control system.