Broadcast system control SW and HW

Hardware interfaces (including control surfaces, buttons and panels) and software equivalents (such as touchscreen systems) used to control over devices.

IP Control Buddy

The IP Control Buddy is a powerful yet compact control system.


Provides facilities with monitoring, reporting and alarming on the performance of deployed devices


Power change over mains distribution unit, 14 way, dual input change over and cable tie bar


The new vertical design utilises unique high density IEC Connectors


The MDU-12PMi Provides complete rack-health visibility whilst monitoring status and providing alerts


VTR, disk and server hardware control panels. Large range of panels from single to eight channels.


A facility wide system for the control of multiple broadcast devices and their IP infastructure.


Lightning is the world’s most intuitive and flexible meeting control system.

Dashboard Facility Control System

DashBoard is a free and open platform for facility control and monitoring.

Inline Series

Connects magnetically and electrically!

XPoint Series

Connects magnetically and electrically!

Wave Board

audio control unlike anything you’ve ever seen before