Digital audio workstations, editing, effects and processing

Record, edit and process audio for radio, television and film post-production

Worx4 X

Apple Final Cut Pro X companion that consolidates and trims media in a project

X2Pro Audio Convert

X2Pro Audio Convert integrates Final Cut Pro X into the professional audio workflow

CEDAR DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressor

8-channel noise suppressor for live broadcast. Now superseded by the CEDAR DNS 8D with Dante®.

CEDAR Studio

Advanced processes that eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve audio.

CEDAR DNS 8D dialogue noise suppressor

Multi-channel dialogue noise suppressor with Dante® for studios, newsrooms and sports broadcasting.


Reliable time-efficiency and copyright protection for sound design creatives

Creative Cloud

Creativity for all – Photography. Video. Design. UX. 3D & AR. Creative Cloud has everything you need

Remote recording: The future of audio?

Helping you put the best audio technologies to use for the most amazing results.