Fiber And Private Ip Connectivity - IABM BaM Product Category

Fiber And Private Ip Connectivity - IABM BaM Product Category

Fiber and private IP connectivity

Private IP connectivity, typically over MPLS fiber, permanent or bookable for data and video distribution.

AVN-DIO06 Dante® to AES3 XLR Stereo Input & Output

The AVN-DIO06 is a Dante to AES3 digital input and output audio convertor.

AVN-DIO05 Dante® to Analogue Terminal Block Stereo Input & Output

The AVN-DIO05 is a Dante to analogue terminal block input and output convertor.

AVN-DIO04 Dante® to Analogue Phono Stereo Input & Output

The AVN-DIO04 is a Dante to analogue phono stereo input & output convertor.

AVN-DIO03 Dante to Headphone Outputs (1/4” & 3.5mm Jacks) With Volume Cont...

The AVN-DIO03 is Dante AoIP network-to-headphones convertor in the Sonifex DIO range.

AVN-DIO02 Analogue XLR Stereo Input to Dante®

The AVN-DIO02 is an analogue XLR stereo input to Dante AoIP network converter.

AVN-DIO01 Dante to Analogue XLR Stereo Output

The AVN-DIO01 is a Dante AoIP network to analogue XLR stereo output converter.

SMART Media Delivery Platform

The SMART Media Delivery Platform™ is a software-defined media delivery platform for IP networks.

Limelight Realtime Streaming

Delivers live video from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world, with less than one second.

Telstra Global Media Network

The Telstra Global Media Network is a video contribution and distribution platform

Major Events and Tours

Leverage Telstra’s high bandwidth capacity and customisable networks to take your events global.

Digital Video Network

An Australian network solution enabling customers to share real-time and file based media content

Next Generation Linear Distribution

Utilise Telstra’s global networks across fibre, satellite, and internet for next-gen linear demands.