Fiber And Private Ip Connectivity - IABM BaM Product Category

Fiber And Private Ip Connectivity - IABM BaM Product Category

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Fiber and private IP connectivity

Private IP connectivity, typically over MPLS fiber, permanent or bookable for data and video distribution.

Caton Relay Server

TS Streams management platform – video routing, real-time status, TS analyzers, monitoring alert…

Caton Prime

10-bit HDR, High quality HEVC 4K60p encoder and decoder, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, powered by Socionext chipset

The Switch IP Video Transport

Our first-mile experience and best-in-class IP innovations give you access no matter what.

The Switch Transmission

The Switch delivers global network reach and ensures your feeds are never interrupted.

Caton Media XStream™

High bitrate, broadcast-quality video transmission via IP, managed service with over 99.9999% SLA…


IP Networking Gateway for Reliable Data Transport


Digital 950 MHz STL and Data Gateway

XC Platform

The XC Platform is the modular head-end platform for IPTV and broadcast

X Platform

high-capacity, versatile, ultra-low latency platform for high-speed video networking…

Media Networks

Transmit live TV around the world with our Global Media Network.

Multi-Format Video Exchange

Bring your HD video and audio content to the world

Live TV Outside Broadcasting

Your live broadcast connectivity – outside, on-demand and nationwide