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The Switch IP Video Transport

Fiber and private IP connectivity

Using Internet Protocols to transport video from stadium to studio is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of connectivity today. And with The Switch’s global footprint, and quality-first approach, the delivery of your content won’t be compromised.

For the acquisition and contribution of IP video feeds to your production facility, we draw on our first-mile experience and best-in-class IP innovations to give you access no matter what. Our experienced engineers make sure that regardless of where your event takes place, your feed is seamless and surefire. We support all major IP Transport protocols, including SRT, BRT, ZIXI, RTP w/FEC, and others.

Using internet connections and leading IP video protocols, we send high-quality signals from difficult-to-connect venues or remote sites to your control room or cloud destination. We provide the on and off ramps to and from the cloud, from The Switch’s first-in-class closed DTM network – transporting live feeds to broadcasters, streaming services and the cloud from areas with a low fiber footprint.

In an increasingly complex media marketplace, The Switch makes it simple. We enable you to deliver your live content, whether for a TV network, online video platform, social media platform, website, cloud service – or all of the above – offering the know-how, world-class equipment, safe hands, scalability, back-up and great service you need. From the broadcast giant to the online disruptor, we ensure you can switch on your content from anywhere.

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