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File-based technical QC

Automated and/or manual testing of digital content files, including file and encoding integrity, video and audio levels and format, and presence of errors.


A file-based QC software .


An enterprise-level, automated file-based QC tool that integrates into your file-based workflow.

Cloud Quality Control (QC)

A service for file-based media to test video & audio parameters, quality, compliance, & correctness

Iris Anywhere

Iris Anywhere delivers the next generation of remote content review, QC & collaboration.


Kumulate is the latest evolution in intelligent storage, workflow & lifecycle management.


A cost-effective Universal Playback system to preview and/or ensure your assets QC. ‘s Automated QC offers automated QC in the cloud.

IMF Analyser

IMF Analyser is a high-performance, flexible software solution for the analysis of IMF compositions

Advantage Audio Description QC service

Automated QC of industry standard ESEF Audio Description files Input file ‘watch folder’.

Isis Subtitle QC Service

Automated service to QC industry standard STL and PAC subtitle files.


MSight is a file-based media analyzer software for deep video compression analysis. Media Processing Service is the world’s most trusted cloud-based media processing service.