File Based Technical Qc - IABM BaM Product Category

File Based Technical Qc - IABM BaM Product Category

File-based technical QC

Automated and/or manual testing of digital content files, including file and encoding integrity, video and audio levels and format, and presence of errors.

Isis Subtitle QC Service

Automated service to QC industry standard STL and PAC subtitle files.

Iris Anywhere

Iris Anywhere delivers the next generation of remote content review, QC & collaboration.

BATON – Enterprise-class Automated File-based QC

Interra Systems’ BATON is the leading M/L and AI enabled automated QC platform.

WINNOW – An Advanced Platform for Content Classification

WINNOW is a powerful software for classifying audio-visual content into semantic concepts.

BATON LipSync – Automatic Audio-Video Sync Detection

BATON® LipSync is an automated tool for lip sync detection and verification.

VEGA – In-depth Media Analysis for Content Debug & Compliance

VEGA Media Analyzer is used for standards compliance, debug, interoperability of encoded streams.

BMP – Powerful Industry Grade Media Player

BMP is a powerful, feature-rich media player to play, inspect, and verify audio video content.

VIDA Content OS

Simplify libraries, collaborate with teams, monetize content—or all of it—with VIDA Content OS!


MSight is a file-based media analyzer software for deep video compression analysis.

WIREWAX Media Services

Powerful tools and services that analyse, process, catalog and modify video assets – at scale.