Etere Quality Control - IABM Single BaM Product

Etere Quality Control - IABM Single BaM Product

Etere Quality Control

Etere Quality Control


With scalable speeds from 3X to 50X, Etere QC is able to carry out high-speed controls of video files including that of black frames, audio silence and freeze frames.

Etere QC is an integrated file-based module for performing Quality Control (QC) via a streamlined workflow. It automatically detects and marks audio/video issues (e.g. freeze frames, black frames, scene changes, audio loss) on assets’ EDL according to their quality, setting also a default quality rating at the end of the process.

Etere QC is able to speed up, automate and streamline the operational efficiency of file-based quality controls performed via workflow across the entire content life cycle.

Etere QC is the best solution for checking audio/video either prior (e.g. playout, repurpose, archiving) or after (e.g. encoding, ingest, editing, transcoding, archiving) media operations. It is able to check all the main videofile codecs and wrapper of any resolution including 4K.

Key Features

■ Works on any Windows computer, without dedicated hardware

■ Multi-processing on the same computer is supported

■ Prevents wasting time by processing only selected issues

■ Up to 50 times faster than real-time speed

■ Fully customizable detection profiles

■ Results are stored in the database using standard format

■ Thumbnails are generated for each detected issue

■ Fault tolerant, load balanced architecture

Additional information

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