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WIREWAX Media Services

(Meta)data aggregation and management

With nearly a decade of developing AI and computer vision tools for the world’s number one interactive video platform at WIREWAX, and with another two decades of experience in the video and broadcast space, the team identified ways to leverage the platform’s award-winning image processing technologies in the big media sector too.

Lightning fast; face and object recognition, segmentation, fingerprinting, speech recognition and many other unparalleled tools available in the suite has changed the game for the broadcast and media industry.

Being able to scan entire archives of video assets and create a powerful, digital understanding of videos, programmes and movies with this core technology has enabled large TV and movie studios to leverage data and digital tools and services like never before.


We’ve not met a media business on the planet that doesn’t have a digitised asset problem. Lack of metadata, no understanding of content, zero monetisation capabilities and gigantic and disorganized archives. Not to mention expensive asset management, overpriced syndication and VOD preparation, and notoriously slow and extortionate manual services.

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