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Advantage Audio Description QC service

Manage » Prepare » Content Preparation » File-based technical QC »

Pass and Fail watch folders. Generates human readable reports of detailed file analysis. Configurable for multi-supplier workflows.


Header Checks

·         Check all 3 header blocks are present – Header, Author and Thread Descriptor


Compare Actual Data with Header

·         Check that the first description IN time matches the First Content Timecode in the Thread Descriptor

·         Check that the last description OUT time matches the Last Content Timecode in the Thread Descriptor


Check Data Blocks

·         Check for empty file (no data blocks)

·         Timecode Range check – all descriptions are within specified timecode range

·         Verify description numbers ascend through the file (gaps are allowed)

·         Verify that OUT timecode is greater than IN timecode

·         Overall times overlap – descriptions timecodes must not overlap

·         Check for minimum interval between descriptions


Check Individual Descriptions

·         Verify that every audio file has a filename

·         Check that every description has an associated WAV file

·         Verify that timecodes are valid numbers (not spaces, letters etc.)

·         Check overall duration is not negative

·         Check minimum audio duration – if selected

·         Check maximum audio duration – if selected

·         Check that Fade and Pan data is present and correctly formatted


Check Audio Files

·        Check WAV duration matches the description duration