Under-monitor displays, signage and tallies

Displays, signage and indicators used in studios and control rooms to label sources, indicate status and show timers.

Monitoring and Control (Satellite related services & applications)

Capacity Management Centre (Satellite related services & applications)

19.1” TFT Monitor

Densitron Monitor 19.1”, 1920×320, Button Deck, 250 Nits, Metal Bezel, Generic AD board


The new vertical design utilises unique high density IEC Connectors


Power change over mains distribution unit, 14 way, dual input change over and cable tie bar


Provides facilities with monitoring, reporting and alarming on the performance of deployed devices


The MDU-12PMi Provides complete rack-health visibility whilst monitoring status and providing alerts


AI Empowered Compliance Logging and Broadcast Monitoring System

UReady 1U Single Display

Our new USB 1U Rack allows for multiple video picture and audio level displays to be side by side.

FlashBoard Technical Display

Better coordinate and organise production workflow, delivering essential operational information

21.5” TFT Monitor

Densitron Monitor 21.5”, 3840×1080, Button Deck, 300 Nits, Metal Bezel, PCT, Generic AD board

28.5” TFT Monitor

Densitron Monitor 28.5”, 1920 x 520, Button Deck, 700 Nits, Metal Bezel, PCT, Generic AD board

7″ Display

High resolution, IPS, PCT Touch, slim profile, optical bonded