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Facilities are generating ever more data, and although this information is readily available from individual devices, it is cumbersome to access and report on when using numerous manufacturer specific portals. Real-time data is hugely beneficial in the daily running of any facility – minimising down-time and decreasing power consumption - as long as it is accessible from a single point where it can be analysed as a whole, rather than having to access and report from individual manufacturer-specific portals.

InSite is a vendor independent solution that brings all of this information together into a single system using industry standard protocols such as SNMP and Modbus.

It can be hosted on premises or in the cloud and will work with a broad range of third party manufacturer of sensor and data centre equipment - in fact any manufacturer who produces object identifier (OID) information.

DID YOU KNOW? InSite can be configured to provide a protected whole system view for central monitoring and individual subsystem viewer for local system monitoring.