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BaM™ Product Highlight: EVS Overcam

Thu 07, 11 2019

Overcam – autonomous camera system

Combining artificial intelligence and robotic cameras, the Overcam system is designed to automate key camera positions around the field of play, helping live sports productions capture more content, more efficiently.  

Powered by VIA Mind, EVS’ AI engine that integrates machine learning methods, the Overcam uses smart tracking to analyse the game’s key parameters, such as player and ball positions, and steers the cameras to find the most appropriate framing of the scene.

This processing is done in real-time which means the system can integrate with existing multicamera live production workflows, mixing both robotic and manually operated cameras. This provides enhanced storytelling capabilities for live sports productions as they have additional content they can work with.  It is also seen as a real opportunity to allow the coverage of live sports that don’t normally get broadcast. 

"A very innovative and much needed solution. EVS have created a product sorely needed by the production industry. Lower cost sports production allowing sports which normally don't receive coverage to get broadcast. Combines emerging technologies like AI to create better content more efficiently. With the explosion of live sports coverage and the need to reduce costs with remote production techniques, Overcam is a very promising solution for  budget concious live sports producers."

IABM Judge

The Overcam system provides optimal visual results since it operates real cameras and is trained on real life customer footage to mimic the traditional camera framing for each position. It runs on a 2RU COTS server provided by EVS which can be located either in the venue or in a remote operation center. On match day, there is no lengthy setup time, the system is deployed smoothly and cameras calibrated automatically.

Christophe Messa, Product Manager at EVS said: “Participating in the IABM BaM awards is a true accolade to the team and our hard work, and shows that EVS’ ability to cost-effectively enhance the output of any live production really resonates with the industry”.

Overcam has been created to help organizations save money, expand camera coverage, standardize hard-to-achieve viewing angles, and position cameras in costly or constrained areas to avoid blocking the sale of seats​.

While the debut iteration of the solution is intended for live football, in particular smaller leagues with tighter production budgets, the system can ultimately be used for other sports such as basketball and hockey television channels and production houses.

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