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Etere Nunzio Newsroom

Newsroom computer systems (NRCS)

Nunzio Newsroom is a newsroom management software that empowers Media Enterprises with the best tools to develop a story from the initial idea to the final broadcast, all from a single interface. With Etere’s mastery of integrated workflows, you can achieve a better performance!

With Nunzio newsroom, you can work better, faster and achieve amazing results. Nunzio Newsroom is a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution with fully empowered Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) capabilities to manage the entire tapeless workflow of a Newsroom environment, starting from the planning of news stories (virtual assets) to the control of on-air playback.

Nunzio Newsroom makes all jobs within a Newsroom easier, helping managers control overall daily operations, guiding journalists to prepare their stories, and enabling editors to quickly edit (e.g. voice-over) and deliver news stories. Nunzio Newsroom is the newsroom management component of Etere Ecosystem, the approach that greatly improves coordinated multi-media planning and collaboration across different production units such as radio, TV or web departments, editorial driven workflow and metadata management. Nunzio Newsroom enables you to develop a story from the initial idea to broadcast. It leverages Etere workflow capabilities to handle requirements and offers ideal integration into the entire existing IT and production environment. Nunzio Newsroom relies on an Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) database and uses the Etere Data Mover engine for transfers and integration of multi site systems. Nunzio Newsroom is equipped with a powerful new instant chat feature that enables quick set-up of group chatrooms; logs favourites list, contact list as well as a history of conversations. Etere Nunzio Newsroom supports E-paper, website upload as well as full integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube directly from Nunzio interface. Additionally, Nunzio is NDI-ready, enabling unlimited channels and live productions with low latency.

Key Features

■ Manage complex stories with multiple video elements including video files, live streams, graphics and secondary media files simultaneously

■ Supports Newtek NDI

■ Supports E-paper and website upload

■ Add/update playlists from social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube directly from Nunzio interface

■ Real-time updates

■ Supports MOS-compliant Teleprompters

■ Flexible and scalable production workflow

■ Fully configurable data model

■ Supports Dante Audio

■ Sophisticated rights, search and communication tools

■ News tickers to create custom carousels

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