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eyePower Power Distribution Units with IP monitoring and control

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The 14 way eyePower Mains Distribution Unit (MDU) from Bryant Unlimited offers unrivalled measurement and control of mains power distribution in technical environments. Real time data extends far beyond voltage and current, delivering invaluable safety, reliability and cost management data. eyePower users improve system uptime and can demonstrate their commitment to a safe installation.

MDUs are critical components that affect multiple items of equipment and Bryant Unlimited have manufactured them to the highest standards for over 25 years. Intelligent mains units were introduced by Bryant Unlimited in the 1990s to sequence outlets, optionally change over between two supplies; then later a powerful macro language was added to switch outlets on or off with infinite flexibility of timing and external control.

Extensive research has now delivered the eyePower platform, promising the superior build quality for which Bryant Unlimited are valued, whilst accurately measuring the mains supply, connected loads and the environment.

High resolution measurements are available as graphs which are better than numbers alone to illustrate a problem such as distorted mains waveforms or low power factors.

Measuring the Supply - The eyePower MDU excels in its range of measurements and class leading resolution. Real world systems experience shows that measuring live/neutral voltage is a simplistic view of the mains since most modern power supplies accept a wide variation in voltage and live supply faults are fuse protected anyway. A number of different measurements are required to gain a true picture of a technical mains supply in service, many issues can also be localised so tests should be at the final distribution.

Measuring Outputs - Overall, and optional individual channel output, current uses sensitive current transformers that allow non-invasive current measurement with remarkable resolution from milliamps to 70 Amps peak.

Measuring the Environment - eyePower supports Maxim 1-Wire® for multiple temperature and humidity sensors, optionally extending GPIOs beyond the four GPIOs already available on the unit to support items such as access switches and smoke detectors. Temperature sensors are available as small devices that can be used to monitor heating issues at equipment level.

Controlling Outputs - eyePower MDU run an internal macro language to control outlets and GPIOs. Routines can be customised to sequence on, cycle power, or load shed/restore according to changeover or UPS operation for example. Routines can be initiated according to GPI, serial command, TCP control or via the web browser. eyePower treats the front panel switch as a GPI, allowing the unit to be programmed with a number of outlets under front panel control, while others are 24 hour or remote control powered.

Graphical Interfaces - OLED, Windows, Web Remote Control - RS422, TCP/IP, SNMP. eyePower includes a front panel, full colour OLED display as standard for local monitoring. Optional RS422 and 100Mbit/s Ethernet interfaces allow setup and control using Bryant Unlimited’s Windows software; third party control systems such as BNCS or Skyline; the integrated web browser. SNMP data interrogation is also available as an option.